Donna G Knodle Photography | Bees, Wasps, Flies & Other Critters with Wings
Created 2-Sep-12
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We have a lot of insects that inhabit our yard, woods and field. These are just some of the local residents.
LadybugHoverfly on Bull ThistleYellowjacket WaspFive-banded Tiphiid WaspCommon Eastern Bumble BeeRobber FlyBanded Longhorn BeetleMilkweed Bugs MatingHoverflyHoverflyCarpenter BeeFirefly - Lightening BugHoney Bee on Red CloverPotter WaspOrnate Snipe FlyImported Willow Leaf BeetleGreen Metallic Sweat BeeEastern Eyed Click BeetleAmerican Hover FlyEastern Boxelder Bug

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