Donna G Knodle Photography | Mushrooms & Fungi
Created 2-Sep-12
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We live in the middle of a mixed hardwood woodland. I love to wander around and find the various mushrooms and fungi growing here.
Bearded ToothMycena maculataHen of the WoodsLepiota MushroomsChicken of the WoodsHen of the WoodsWeeping BoletesGreen-spored LepiotaSmooth Parasol MushroomOpening AmanitaCrown-tipped Coral MushroomChicken of the WoodsNew Amanita MushroomUnderside of an Amanita MushroomHen of the Woods MushroomA really large Hen of the Woods mushroom growing at the base of one of our Virbunum mariesiiMycena galericulata on and in fallen oak treeStages of Amanita MushroomsEdge of Amanita MushroomTrich Mushroom sometimes called a Tiger Trich

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