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The Toledo Zoo offers much more than just animals. I decided to duplicate the wildlife and floral shots from other galleries here along with other attractions that are found at the zoo. My husband and I are supporters of the zoo and all that they do for the community.
Bald EagleSloth Bear, Melursus ursinus, Toledo Zoo"African elephant", "Loxadonta africana", "Lucas and Renee", "Toledo Zoo"Waldrapp IbisAfrican Elephant; Toledo Zoo; Loxadonta africanaAfrican Elephant, Loxadonta africana, Toledo ZooRIP, Harvey - I took this photo almost a year before Harvey died in August 2011.  He was 52 years old and had lived at the Toledo Zoo since 1970.  He was always a joy to watch and was enjoyed by the cWestern Lowland Gorilla; Silverback gorillaBald EagleWhite-cheeked TuracosBlack-necked SwanBi-color rose from the Rose GardenFemale Ruddy DuckCanvasback DuckWhite StorkAllen's Swamp Monkey eating his veggies!Kori bustard - I think he was posing for me"African elephant", "Loxadonta africana", Toledo Zoo"Siku going in for another dip!White Rhino

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