Donna G Knodle Photography | Songbirds and Perching Birds
Created 2-Sep-12
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Most of these birds are residents of our property, or they are just passing through on their migration. Some of my warbler shots are from Magee Marsh. We have quite a few yellow-rumped warblers around here in the fall.
Rose-breasted GrosbeakIndigo BuntingIndigo BuntingFemale Rose-breasted GrosbeakEastern PhoebeTufted TitmousePine WarblerAmerican GoldfinchDark-eyed Junco ♀Brown CreeperRuby-crowned KingletAmerican GoldfinchHouse WrenIndigo Bunting ♀Indigo Bunting  ♂Blue JayRose-breasted Grosbeak ♀House Finch  ♂Fluffed Up Female Rose-breasted GrosbeakRose-breasted Grosbeak  ♂

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