Donna G Knodle Photography | Snow and Ice
Created 2-Sep-12
21 photos

Winters in Michigan can bring lots of snow and ice. The pictures can be beautiful, but the beauty fades as you try to maintain a clean driveway!!! I also love to find frost formations on leaves. There are so many interesting patterns.
My Driveway in Winter - Looks pretty when it first falls.Cold Seating - My husband and I had just enjoyed a glass of wine while sitting on our deck the evening before this shot was taken.  The temps dropped about 30 degrees overnight!Ice Crystals - A Silky Dogwood leaf holding lots of ice.Snowy Front YardWoodland SnowCrystal DiamondsIce ColdIce crystals on a frosty morningFrosty WaveFrosty LeavesIcy BranchIce Painting - Jack Frost was at work on my storm door!Ice Crystal LeavesSnowy HatFrosty EvergreenIce DropsCaptured in the snowI love the look of morning frost on the leavesAnother frost-covered leafSunlight brings thawing to the morning frost

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